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Welcome to Leonard, ND 

October 2022 City Minutes 

Leonard City Council

The Leonard City Council met Monday October 3, 2022 at 7 pm. Present: Mayor Tracey Jacobson, Tony Plante, Bonnie Greuel, Onica Johnson, Ryan Hinkel, Auditor Trina Nudell and Wesley Schatzke

September meeting minutes read and approved (Johnson, Greuel)

Per electronic council vote on October 5, to clear up confusion, amend minutes regarding airport area.

Motion by Greuel, seconded by Johnson.

Original verbiage in August minutes: Since the city is no longer accepting scrap metal at the

airstrip, the sign will need to be taken down.

Amended verbiage: Since the city is no longer accepting scrap metal at the airport collection area,

the sign will need to be taken down.

Original verbiage as stated in the September minutes: Stay out of the airport area unless dumping

branches. This is private property of the city, and the back end is private property of Ryan Richards.

If anyone is caught on camera riding around in there, that is not part of the city government or city

maintenance, the Cass County Sheriff will be contacted.

Amended verbiage: Please stay out of the airport area unless dumping branches. The hanger

building and land south and southwest of the hanger is the property of the city. The airport strip is

not owned by the city. It is privately owned. Anyone on city property for reasons other than

dumping branches or compost material could be reported to the Cass County Sheriff’s Department.

Cass County Sheriff’s report: 11 calls for service.

Budget Hearing: 2023 budget numbers were read by Auditor Nudell. There have been no changes since the 2023 preliminary budget was approved by council and sent to Cass County in August. Plante made motion to approve the final 2023 budget, seconded by Hinkel.

Bert’s Truck Equipment has two spreaders in stock. Motion made by Greuel and seconded by Plante to move forward with the tailgate spreader purchase.

Mike Pulczinski would like to create a subdivision along the westerly side of the golf course property, where the driving range is located. Pulczinski plans to plat this lot for a family member to build a house and would like the option to plat an additional lot to the northeast of the one currently being platted for an additional family member to possibly build a house. Plante made a motion to go forward with the plat on the golf course with room to expand. Seconded by Johnson.

Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Plante to contact Dakota Hills Electric to have another switch

installed on the west side of the hanger door.

The donation request for George & Marcy’s retirement party at the Golf Course was declined. (Hinkel, Greuel)

The city is looking for one or two people that live within city limits to take on Land and Zoning. Please

spread the word and contact Mayor Jacobson if interested.

Tony Plante offered to sell the café building to the city for $200,000. The building would be made into a city hall with offices, meeting space, records room, and a community room that could be rented to community members. Another possibility is to also have a dog treat company rent space, which would create jobs for the town. Greuel made a motion to move forward and approve the purchase of the café building with the intention of making a $100,000 down payment out of the shop building fund immediately upon signing of the contract. The remaining $100,000 will be paid by the city to Tony Plante by May 31, 2024. Seconded by Johnson. Mayor Jacobson will have the City Attorney at Ohnstad Twichell draw up a purchase agreement.

The council will look into a USDA community facilities loan or other loan and grant opportunities.

The following bills were approved to be paid:

Fat Man Trash 1,898.82, ND Sewage & Lift Station Service 7,275, Sheyenne Valley Lumber 206.43, Trina Nudell reimbursement for stamps 132.00, Wesley Schatzke 387.87, Trina Nudell 507.93. Bert’s Truck Equipment $2,885

Motion to adjourn (Greuel, Plante)

Next meeting will be Monday November 7 at 7 pm.

Trina Nudell, City Auditor

October 2022 Special Mtg. City Minutes

The Leonard City Council met Tuesday October 18, 2022 at 6:30 pm for a special meeting called on October 11. Present: Mayor Tracey Jacobson, Tony Plante, Bonnie Greuel, Onica Johnson, Ryan Hinkel, Auditor Trina Nudell, Wesley Schatzke and numerous community members.

October 3 meeting minutes read and approved (Plante, Johnson)

Mayor Jacobson addressed attendees about purchasing the café building from Tony Plante. On Friday

October 14, the council announced to Tony via text message, that upon further consideration, the City of Leonard couldn’t financially purchase the café building. Greuel made a motion to retract the October 3 motion to purchase the café building. Johnson seconded the motion to retract.

Mayor Jacobson stated that they were considering the café building because it was the only option they had. It would have helped get the city government a place to work out of. After the October meeting, a lot of research concerning the purchase was done and it started to become evident that it wouldn’t be feasible.

The reasons for looking for a building are:

1) To fully use the city’s status as a municipality, a place to work out of is a must. This would enable

the council to carry out city ordinances.

2) City auditors have had to work out of their homes. If a fire occurs in their home, whose insurance

covers property destroyed? The city would like a building to work out of so all city information can

stay in one place, where the auditor, mayor and council members can go to work.

3) The council would also like to be able to give back to the city. The hope is to find a building that’s

the right price and size, so part of the building could be used by the community for large meetings,

birthday or anniversary parties, graduation parties or just community gatherings.

Both Mayor Jacobson and council member Greuel stated that the October 3rd motion should have been worded differently. The wording of the motion should have been that consideration would be given to purchasing the café building and research will be done rather than making a motion to purchase the cafe building for $200,000.

After the meeting, it was discovered that a commercial appraisal would have cost $3,500-$5,000 and an inspection would have cost $3,000 and funding just wasn’t there. That’s why a meeting was set up to withdraw the October 3 motion.

After the mayor’s statement and council members spoke, the floor was then opened for public comment where community members could voice their thoughts, concerns and ideas. Topics included why the café closed, possibility of renting a portion of the Senior Building, Senior Building updates needed, and electrical repairs needed, and costs of building a Morton-type steel building being $300,000-400,000. Also mentioned was the city owned land where the Olson building was torn town. The ground has to be packed on that land, which will cost thousands of dollars. Other ideas brought up were the old Bremer bank building and purchasing a fireproof filing cabinet.

The council asked the community members in attendance to please give any and all ideas and also would appreciate contact information of places to call to get steel building prices.

Discussion also included office space options for law enforcement. Sheriffs in other towns use space in the fire hall or city building. The Leonard fire hall doesn’t have enough space unless the conference room is an option.

The Senior Center Board meets the third Thursday of every month. The council will plan to attend the

November meeting or arrange a time for Senior Center board members to meet with the council.

Johnson made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Greuel and Plante.

Next meeting will be Monday November 7 at 7 pm.

Trina Nudell, City Auditor

November 2022 City Minutes

Leonard City Council

The Leonard City Council met Monday November 7, 2022 at 7 pm. Present: Mayor Tracey Jacobson, Tony Plante, Bonnie Greuel, Onica Johnson, Ryan Hinkel, Auditor Trina Nudell, Maintenance Manager Wesley Schatzke and community members.

New information was sent via group text on Oct 21 regarding adding the switch on the west side of the

hanger door. Dakota Hills Electric can do the work, but the new door put in on the west side of the hanger requires a light to be up to code if their work gets inspected. Cost will be $465 for the inside light switch, $290 for the outlet and $545 for the outside light. $1,300 total. Onica Johnson made a motion to proceed. Seconded by Greuel.

October 18 special meeting minutes read and approved (Plante, Greuel)

Cass County Sheriff’s report: 8 calls for service.

The city has experienced repeated vandalism and is considering adding more security cameras. Marty with MLGC gave council members information about camera options for the ball diamond, city shop, and park. Cameras are available with or without internet access. Cost to bury 850 feet of fiber optic cables to all locations would be $3,464, which includes labor. Price including four model 1100 cameras, four routers and four housing shells would be $4,994.22. Waterproof/weatherized boxes would also need to be purchased for each location. Cost of monthly internet access was not included in that price. The option to put internet access on a very tall pole for all cameras was discussed, but buildings and trees block the signal. The option of cameras without internet access was also discussed. Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Plante to get quote for internet at hanger and upgraded camera so license plates can be seen. Decision on remainder of locations will be tabled.

A public concern brought up by a community member was dogs not on leashes. Dogs have been seen running around town and owners are not around. One individual has already been warned by the Cass County Sheriff’s Department. Council encouraged community members to take pictures and show pictures to law enforcement. Also let council members know and they’ll keep track of complaints/incidents. Mayor Jacobson had previously inquired about Cass County fines regarding dogs. First offense is a written warning. Second offense is a $50 fine and another written warning. Then $50 citations continue.

Bill Magstadt has resigned. The city is looking for a replacement to take over his snow removal and mowing duties.

It was discovered that the city plow truck has seven cracks and the plow itself is twisted to the right handside. Todd could frame-weld pieces of metal to fix the cracks. Motion by Greuel to have Todd fix the plow truck. Seconded by Johnson.

Mayor Jacobson mentioned all the free materials sent to promote the new city app.

A new liner needs to be purchased for the ice rink. Please also spread the word that the city is looking for ice rink volunteers. Plante made a motion to purchase liner for ice rink. Seconded by Hinkel.

Jeanne Johnson will be including the $50 building permit payment for their deck with their city bill


Santa day will be December 3 from 1-3. There will be a bake sale and coloring and/ or craft activities for the kids. There will also be a holiday house/yard decorating contest. Deadline is December 17. $25 prize for winner.

There have been complaints about yards and vehicles. Jacobson will send out a list of City Clean Up letters that need to go out. The first letter will be a warning to allow the homeowner to come up with a plan. For vehicles, current tabs are needed, or vehicle needs to be removed. A second letter will be sent if problem continues. Motion made by Johnson that after second letter is sent, if not taken care of in 30 days, vehicle will be towed by Hopewell’s. Seconded by Greuel.

Neil Roesler would like to split a portion of the Roesler land from the farmland for a home. Eventually, the piece of land will be reunited with the quarter. Since this is within the extra-territorial limits of Leonard, council approval is needed. Council says platting a new parcel is not necessary. Ok to make change via legal description and deed. Approved by Johnson. Seconded by Plante.

The following bills were approved to be paid:

Cass County Reporter 124.71 & 97.12, Fat Man Trash 1,898.82, Kindred True Value 34.94, 32.55, 45.27, Leonard Post Office box renewal $90, Ohnstad Twichell 802.05 , Plains & Agronomy 12.50, Leonard Convenience 351.88, ND League of Cities 465 & 34, Leonard Fire Department 20.77, Cemetery 10.19, Library 29.74, Bill Magstadt 270.12 & 55.41, Wesley Schatzke 547.17, Trina Nudell 507.93

Motion to adjourn by Johnson. Seconded by Hinkel.

Due to scheduling conflicts, next meeting will be Thursday December 1 at 7 pm.

Trina Nudell, City Auditor